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Tour Schedule

This page lists both confirmed and tentative tour dates. If an event is marked as tentative, it is subject to change.

We are going to visit as many states as possible over the course of 2022 and 2023. Give us some time - we'll be there!

We will have two types of events: formal meets and pop ups. Formal meets will be scheduled well in advance and will be posted on this page. They will almost always be fully accessible and open to all ages. Pop ups will be announced shortly before the event happens - sometimes announced the day of - and will be posted to our Instagram page. These are intended to be more intimate events - they will most likely be held at breweries/distilleries, so we can't guarantee that they will be open to all ages.

Guidelines for Josh Meets:

We are going to do our best to make sure the official Josh meets are fully accessible and open to all ages. If we cannot meet these two goals, it will be explicitly stated.

Josh meets will have a hard start and stop time. When a meet is scheduled to end, we will be packing up and leaving.

Josh meets will be open-house style. We will no longer have a formal photo line. 

Lastly, as much as we love all dogs, please leave your furry friends at home.

Still have questions? Check out our Tour FAQ.

Confirmed Tour Dates

The following tentative tour dates are listed here as a general outline of how we are planning to travel the country. Please remember that these dates may change!

IF your city was listed before and the event has since been CANCELLED, don't worry! It WILL be rescheduled!

Tentative Tour Dates

Who Are We
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