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The Be Like Josh foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to the study and advocacy of dogs with neurological disabilities. We are proud to celebrate all abilities on the canine neurological spectrum. It is an honor to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home these exceptional animals, to tell their stories, from rescue to adoption, and every adventure along the way. They serve as ambassadors of our mission, which pushes back against ableism in the veterinary community and promotes true inclusion, for animals and humans alike. Through our work, we share the message that all animals and people, wherever they are on the spectrum of abilities, are worthy of being seen, loved and appreciated.

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Our rescue arm operates much like a traditional rescue organization, however we predominantly take in dogs with special needs. Because these types of animals can often require more attention and expense, we generally manage no more than 5 or 6 dogs in our rescue at any given time. Through donations, the Be Like Josh Foundation pays for all intake evaluations, vaccines, spay/neuter and any needed diagnostics, including MRI's, which can be rather costly. Our rescue also pays for follow up medical exams, proper nutrition, supplements, medications, behavioral training (if needed) and any other remedies or therapies prescribed by attending veterinarians. Our financial support continues until the dog is officially adopted.


As part of our Community Outreach program, we visit schools across the country. We have a Be Like Josh curriculum based upon acceptance and inclusion. We inspire the children to be kind toward, and embrace all people, regardless of their differences.  Our Special Abilities Program is focused on connecting with Josh through physical interaction, and asking questions.  Your donations help to cover the expense of travel to schools across the country, allowing us to make a broader impact. 

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"I had never even heard of the Be like Josh foundation before I offered to be a medical foster for an 8 week old Golden Doodle puppy with suspected CH. It was only going to be for a couple weeks to establish a routine, but now it’s the story of how I met my third dog, and discovered the most bad ass rescue that I will forever support. Jane truly is the most special dog I’ve ever met. She captures the heart of everyone she meets with her sweet and laid back personality, but makes sure to save her extra sassy side just for us. Taking care of her is more “work” than any dog I know of, yet there is something familiar and oddly comforting about it that makes me happy to do it. It was probably just some crazy coincidence, but loving a dog with a brain that resembles my own special siblings feels like the universe must have knew what it was doing when it led me to her. She is so perfectly imperfect and I only feel bad for those who don’t understand or get to experience her magic. This is forever, Janie girl. You were always meant to be mine."

Abi D.

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