What is fostering?

Fostering is providing a temporary or transitional environment to a rescue dog. Foster homes provide stability, structure, routine and love. They require patience and dedication to helping your foster dog become the best, most adoptable version of themself. Essentially, you are preparing your foster dog for the real world.


What is expected of me as a foster parent?

We expect that you are committed to your dog for the duration that they are in our care. During that time, you’re expected to communicate with us and provide updates via video, pictures and conversation.



What is provided?

All of the dog’s costs are covered during their time in foster. The Be Like Josh Foundation covers 100% of veterinary costs, food, bedding, supplies and grooming. You never have to come out of pocket for anything unless you choose to. We are also available to coach you, guide you and offer feedback. If there are behavioral needs that need to be addressed, we provide in home training. If your foster dog has special needs, we make sure that they are also covered.



Can I adopt my foster dog?

Absolutely. All of our foster families have first choice once their foster dog reaches adoptable status and their request to adopt comes before any other applicants.


How long do foster dogs stay?

Every case varies. It is hard to say how long a dog will stay in foster. Typically, we have three foster phases:

Intake and Observation - This period of time is usually about a week. This is the initial week your foster is living with you where we observe and report. Your main objective is to gather pertinent information and communicate it to us so that we know how to proceed with each case and develop a plan to get them to adoptable status. This is when we make vet appointments, physical therapy visits and diagnostic care.

Critical Care / Healing / Recovery - this time varies. This is when your dog has their unique needs and medical needs met and they are given time to rest and recover from medical procedure, treatment, medication or behavioral training. During this time, there may be follow up vet visits, therapy appointments, Wheelchair fittings, dental recovery etc. This is the period of downtime.


Networking - This is when your dog has become the best version they can be and have earned adoptable status. We begin networking them on our social media platforms and interviewing potential adopters. During this time, we will arrange meet & greets and trail overnight stays. You may be required to answer questions or provide information to potential adopters.



What background do I need to foster or foster for special needs, specifically?

You do not need any experience or special training to be a dog foster or special needs dog foster. We will train you and coach you every step of the way and teach you everything you need to know to be a successful caregiver. You only need to be patient, loving and committed to the project.

Do I have to live in the phoenix area?

Typically, our foster families live in or around the phoenix area where the Be Like Josh foundation is based. Most of our dogs require a lot of hands on care by us so it is important for us to be close by. However, there are instances where we need help out of state for very short duration. These are typically interstate transport related short term fostering but essential to our organization, nonetheless. The best way to be an out of state rescue partner, is to follow our social media pages so you can stay in the loop on short term cases throughout north America.

Foster Application



I understand that I will provide foster care for a foster pet from the Be Like Josh Foundation at no charge. I agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. I will accept and consider the foster pet as a household companion, not as an outside pet and will provide the foster pet with a safe environment, humane treatment, proper food, fresh water, shelter and exercise. Only positive training methods are permitted. I will provide a reasonable amount of time to adjust to new surroundings.  

2. The Be Like Josh foundation will cover Veterinary expenses for the foster pet at the medical facility of the Be Like Josh Foundation's choosing. Any unapproved medical care or visits will not be covered by the Be Like Josh Foundation. I accept and I will acknowledge that the Be like Josh Foundation makes all decisions for medical care of the foster pet. I agree that all medical forms, paperwork and documentation will be in the name of the "Be Like Josh Foundation" and will be sure to give all documentation to the foundation. 

3. I will keep a collar on the foster pet at all times with a Be Like Josh Foundation tag on it. 

4. I agree to send a minimum of 4 videos a week, as well as pictures to keep the Be Like Josh Foundation updated on the foster animal.

5. I will immediately notify the Be Like Josh Foundation if the foster pet becomes lost or stolen. I will make every effort to help recover the foster pet. 

6. I will immediately notify the Be Like Josh Foundation if I suspect that the foster pet is sick or has anything wrong with them. If a medical emergency arises, I will make every reasonable effort to notify the foundation immediately and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

7. I will not give or sell the foster pet to anyone, this includes family, friends, other rescue groups, county shelters, humane association, pound or any medical experimental lab.

8. I will not alter the foster's appearance in any way, shape or form except for routine grooming.

9. I will immediately notify the Be Like Josh Foundation of a change of address, phone number, or plans to move/travel without the foster pet. 

10. I will immediately notify the Be Like Josh Foundation of any change in circumstances that may prevent me from providing foster care during the period of time agreed upon under this agreement. I will give a minimum of one weeks notice, when possible, of my inability to foster, to provide adequate time to find a replacement foster. The terms of this agreement to care for this foster pet will be continued until the foster pet is moved. 


11. I will immediately return the foster pet in good condition to the Be Like Josh Foundation if at any point and for any reason requested.


12. Should I decide to permanently adopt the foster pet, I will permanently notify the Be Like Josh Foundation and will follow established adoption protocols and procedures.

13. I understand that foster pets, just like any other pet, can be unpredictable and agree to any foster at my own risk. By signing this agreement, I agree to indemnify the Be Like Josh Foundation and its officers, directors and volunteers from any and all liability arising from damage to property or person(s), including bodily harm, caused by the foster pet. I also agree my resident animal(s) is to cause harm to the foster pet, I will be solely, financially responsible to cover all medical expenses incurred due to injury. 

I have read, fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. I recognize that the terms are not arbitrary and are common in foster care agreements. I also understand that if I fail to comply with any of the terms specified herein, the Be Like Josh Foundation has the right to reclaim the foster pet and to enforce this contract in a court of law. By signing this agreement, I warrant the answers provided herein are true and accurate.


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