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Her Story 


Silver hails from a trailer in Forks, Washington. She was born with hind leg ataxia as a result of severe inbreeding. In her first few weeks of life, she wasn't given the chance to be raised by her mom or humans who cared for her, and she became feral. She found her way to the Be Like Josh Foundation as part of the Husky Project. 

Despite the zero chance she was given by her breeder, Silver is the most deteremined and independent soul. She embodies 'Miss Independent' and wants you to know she can do it all by herself. She just celebrated her first birthday and has been taking off running in her recently acquired wheels!  

Her Big Abilities


Silver is curious about the world. She loves exploring in her wheelchair or stroller, picnics at the park, long naps, biting into ice cubes, and going for car rides. She is super silly and playful and love-seeking in the moments when she lets her guard down. She loves toys - fluffy toys, puzzle toys, burrow toys, chew toys - all the toys! 

In true husky style, Silver has her own way of communicating and is getting very good at it - when she is having fun, excited, frustrated, disapproving, in fear. She can be protective over resources including food, water, bedding, and toys. While she has become good at potty training, she sports a diaper on most occasions because she is known to dribble against her will. 

Her Needs


Silver is very slow to trust the human world and requires a lot of patience and understanding as she familiarizes herself with new humans or surroundings. She requires slow, dedicated, and meticulous handling.

Silver is ready to begin the search for her perfect forever. She is looking for a home that does not just want "another dog" but who truly understands how much she has overcome to be the amazing dog she is today and how her journey will continue as she grows. Someone who wants to be part of that growth and adventure with her. If you are interested in Silver, please email to start the conversation as we are committed to helping her find a family who sees the amazing, unique dog we see!

As part of her adoption, our highly experienced trainer will be setting up integration sessions with ongoing follow up to help Silver and her adopters understand her unique behavioral needs and how to transition her into her home in a way that sets Silver and her forever humans up for success.

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